UNTV introduction

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    Unimedia advertising with the Provincial Department of transportation and countrywide each province, city, county three class passenger station to establish long-term cooperative relations, to ensure that resource advantage, monopolistic operation of Chinese passenger station TV network body (national passenger station information release platform), the level of content, through the passenger information and program means for increasing the appeal and visual platform, effectively enhance the audience reach rate, make the advertisers expected brand depth communication landing with huge publicity expenses for the conflicts between and, is the operation of new media Solutions
      Unimedia advertising created the highway passenger station multimedia information publishing platform, is in large area, wide network coverage for the characteristic, in nearly 3000 countrywide highway passenger station installation of large size LCD screen, through the network transmission of real-time information publication
      Unimedia advertising to build a city and city, city and outskirts of a city, city and county is formed between the unique network combined into advertising network.In order to level the city as the center of the frame, focal infiltration two or three, four class city, filled with traditional media and new media development easier to ignore the media to reach the blank.
     Platform through advertising, content of commercial operation way for profit model, with the public media influence to social responsibility, and information for visitors to the public service, with advanced technology, the long-distance passenger transport system to create high-quality industry window