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? in 2008 December China highway passenger station television network project, at the same time Heilongjiang Province nine public advertising limited liability company was formally established
? in 2009 May Heilongjiang provincial highway passenger station network in the province completed, the grid is formal operation
? in  2009 July Jilin provincial highway passenger station network in the province completed, the grid is formal operation
? in 2009 November Beijing Jiu public advertising limited liability company was formally established
? in 2010 January in Liaoning province is formal and the net operation
? in 2010 February in Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Hubei, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong, Chongqing and other 23 provinces preliminary research work completed
? 2010 March -7 months in Ji'nan, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Hohhot, Shijiazhuang, set up offices in Guangzhou
? in 2010 May, nine public advertising and development research center of the State Council jointly carried out "in the multimedia monitoring and information release platform" task seminar, plans in 2011 to carry out in countrywide promotion
? in 2010 June Shandong traffic hall and nine public company reached province multimedia monitoring and information release platform for cooperation
? In 2010 July, hall of Hubei province traffic formally established project, included in the transportation industry "12 5 year plan" of the first industry informatization engineering and grid-connected operation before 2011 May
? in 2011 Beijing city highway passenger station debuts in the round
? in 2012 January, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hunan and other places the development work is carried out smoothly, is expected to start in April this year, fighting 60 days, efforts to complete the 150 station operating strategic objectives.
? in 2012 February, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong and the research work carried out smoothly, and will gradually enter the equipment and auxiliary equipment of.
? in 2012 March, Hebei Province, the whole line.
Hebei Province, in March, the Tangshan Handan, Baoding, a station building installation work, now Hebei passenger station operating in stable condition.
? in 2012 April, fighting 60 days, nine public gas.
Fight 60 days, efforts to complete the 150 station of the strategic goal begins.Nine public gas.China highway passenger transport network gas.We look forward to good news came!
? in April 10, 2012, Hunan highway passenger station of all fronts construction, is expected in early 6 to complete the 41 station installation work.
? in April 13, 2112, Shandong highway passenger station layout work begun in the round.
Shandong Province, the early development of 15 passenger station, enter the installation phase, expected in the middle of May.
? in April 25, 2012, Shanxi highway passenger station TV media continue to supplement.
Shanxi province highway in 40 original station foundation, second period additional construction, is expected to complete the 34 passenger station installation, and the realization of Shanxi province 74 passenger station media objectives.
? in April 26, 2012, Guangdong enter the installation phase.
Guangdong Province, a mounting 19 station, the current project has progressed smoothly.
? in May 5, 2012, Shandong province has installed 12 this station.
Shandong province is in the middle of May 15 station point laying, now from the expected time is 5 days, the worse the 3 site laying, should be able to ensure the completion of the task.
? in May 9, 2012, Hunan victory came!
Hunan Province, in a short span of 1 months time to complete the 30 passenger station media point laying, is at an amazing speed to complete the building of media.
? in May 20, 2012, the Shandong province highway passenger station to build a successful.
Shandong province highway passenger station in the media, the rapid completion of construction situation, and gradually completed the province's grid test run, it seems relatively stable, is expected in June the official with the national media grid-connected operation.
? in May 25, 2012, Guangdong province finished 19 station media laying.
Guangdong Province, an installation of 19 station, now the installation is complete, the equipment normal, will continue into the Guangdong Province grid-connected operation.
? in June 2, 2012, Hunan province is expected to complete the target.
Hunan Province, successfully completed the installation of 41 station, equipment is normal, will continue into Hunan province grid test operation.
? in June 3, 2012, Jiangsu province to install the 4 station.
Today, Jiangsu province completed the Nanjing long-distance bus east station, Nanjing bus terminal, terminal of car of Lianyungang, Su Xin express passenger station of the 4 long-distance passenger station of the media platform to build the job, and through the network operation, the normal.